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Brief Introduction of Professional Divisions
Brief Introduction of Professional Divisions
Division of Material Science and Quality Test

Brief introduction

The Division of Material Science and Quality Test is consist of Physical & chemical Lab, Precious metal & Gemstone Lab, Environmental protection Lab, Information technology Lab. The main laboratories of the division are located at Zhangjiang headquarters, Yishan Rd branch and Tianlin Rd branch, equipped with the internationally advanced testing and analysis instruments. Meanwhile, The National Center of Quality Supervision Inspection on Gold and Silver Products (Shanghai), the Shanghai Station of Quality Supervision Inspection on Precious Metal and Gemstone, the Shanghai General Station of Quality Supervision Inspection on Environmental Protection Products, the Shanghai Station of Quality Supervision Inspection on chemical gas, and the Shanghai Station of Quality Supervision Inspection on Information System and Products are all set up in this division. There are five experts in this division actively participating in the works of relevant national metrology and standardization technical committees.

The division has established 8 highest level standards of measurement in eastern China area. It carries out supervision inspection for relevant products quality, inspection of industry products subject to administrative licensing, pattern evaluations of new and imported measuring instruments, verification of imported measuring instruments, appointed by the administrative departments at different levels. The division is capable of carrying out 8 verification items, 12 calibration items and 217 testing items. It can also provide 150 certified reference materials approved by AQSIQ(General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine of the People’s Republic of China), and 48 other reference materials.

Another important task of this division is carrying out researching activities for measurement and testing, developing national technical specifications and standards. For last 3 years, the division has received about 10 items of Science and Technology Progress Awards conferred by relative Ministries of the country and the Shanghai Municipal Government, include one second reward, two third reward and one third reward from AQSIQ. And many research achievements have been adopted by national verification regulations and national standards, and many self-developed measurement standard equipments, testing equipments and reference materials have been the first ones in China.

Service features

  • Physical and Chemical Analysis Laboratory

As a key member of the SGST, the physical and chemical analysis laboratory is committed to public testing service to provide comprehensive, personalized, customized testing service for all industries. And according to the needs of the government and the society, the laboratory carry out the basic research work in the field of physical and chemical analysis. In recent years, the laboratory has equipped a number of the latest instruments and equipments. At present, the main service areas of focus include: material composition analysis and morphology characterization, industrial gas purity analysis and product inspection, the classification and characteristics of dangerous goods, drug R&D testing service and package material compatibility research, electronic chemicals and materials quality control, toxic and harmful substances detection for consumer products,  standard material research and development etc.

  • Precious Metal and Gemstone Testing Laboratory 

The laboratory for precious metal and gemstone testing of this division is the only national quality supervision inspection center in Shanghai authorized by AQSIQ(General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine of the People’s Republic of China), As the national quality supervision inspection center, This lab undertake the obligation of testing products that holds great social effect, such as trophy for the Olympic Games, the World’s Fair, the World Cup and precious metal and gemstone souvenir for Disneyland. During the 2010 Shanghai Expo, by the organizing committee and city council this Lab was invited to setup testing consult agency at the Expo Park and well received. The Lab also the only testing provider for gold products appointed by the Shanghai Futures Exchange and received the national reward:” Quality of the Light---Outstanding Technical Institutions” by <China Quality News> at the end of 2016.

  • Environmental Protection Products Testing and Calibration Laboratory

The laboratory for environmental protection products testing and calibration supports for traceability and transmission of measurement values of all kinds of environmental instruments and equipment. As Shanghai Station of Supervision and Inspection on Quality of Environmental Products, this division provides detection and inspection for environmental protection products, carries out industry access certification testing for new-type environmental protection equipment, and supplies relevant government administrative department with technical advice and basis to make decisions on how to develop environmental protection industry. In the field of measurement, the service targets of this division contain government, domestic companies, institutional organization, and world top 500 enterprises all over the country, such as the environmental monitoring station, the weather station, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), health inspection institute, academic institution, hospital, electric power group, construction group, General Electric (GE), 3M, Philips, Johnson & Johnson Medical, etc. Meanwhile, in response to “Scientific and Technological Innovation in Shanghai”, this division joins in the “Internet + Inspection” platform and serves for small and micro enterprises pointedly. In the field of quality inspection, this division focuses on new-type environmental on-line supervision system, terminal purification of cooking oil fume, air purification products, and indoor environment detection etc.

  • Information Technology Laboratory

The laboratory for Information technology, as the Shanghai information product quality inspection station, is the earliest established information products and systems testing laboratory, while the Shanghai Engineering Equipment Supervision Co., Ltd, which is wholly-owned by measurement academy, is set up in the sector. In recent years, with the rapid development of information industry technology, testing laboratories develop the service of key infrastructure of large data and cloud computing to satisfy the market demand. From this year, the main service projects are the tests and evaluation of the key infrastructure and systems of domestic big financial, insurance, government cloud, as well as financial and insurance companies' data center annual health assessments. The main customers of the current service include ICBC, Bank of China, Shanghai Pudong Development Bank, Shanghai Bank, Shanghai Rural Commercial Bank and part of the financial customers in East China and South China. Since the establishment of the supervision company in 1997 in Shanghai, it owns double B qualification, the highest in Shanghai information technology supervision industry. The supervision company increased its business capability year by year, and mainly serves technical consultancy management of data center construction, government information project construction, public security, education, health and social major projects. Output value and service level are in the forefront of Shanghai information supervision industry.

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