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Brief Introduction of Professional Divisions
Brief Introduction of Professional Divisions
Division of On-line Testing and General Measurement Technology

Brief introduction
Division of On-line Testing and General Metrology Technology mainly provides the on-line/site testing and calibration services of assembly systems, online apparatus, meters, integration systems and general measuring instruments for corporations both in overseas and domestic, and also provides the verification and calibration of measurement equipments from universe length, thermal, force, electromagnetics and volume.

The division has 5 laboratories with more than 40 engineers: On-line testing and control technology laboratory, Thermal and electrics laboratory, Pressure and force laboratory, Length and volume laboratory and Medicinal metrology laboratory. The main laboratories are located at the Electrics Building , Mechanics Building and Physicochemical Building in Zhangjiang headquarters, equipped with advanced measuring facilities.

Service features

The division has established 20 public standards of metrology, among which 1 is the highest level in Eastern China area. The division carries out pattern evaluations of new and imported measuring instruments, verification of imported measuring instruments, and supervision inspection for the quality of measuring instruments, appointed by the administrative departments for measurement at different levels. The division is capable of carrying out 119 verification items, 74 calibration items and 17 testing items, covering the fields of micro-electronics, automobile manufacturing, airplane manufacturing, refrigeration, metallurgy, chemical, electric power, nuclear power, medicinal and new energy, etc. The feature testing solutions covering from the real vehicle thermal wind tunnel testing system, aircraft intensity testing system, nuclear power valve data collecting and processing diagnostic system, to the testing of nuclear power safety equipment, railway transition safety system and medicinal equipment, etc.

The national industrial process measurement control and automatic standardization technology committees industrial on-line calibration solutions subcommittees is located in the division. The standardization organization is in charge of constituting the national standards from performance testing equipments (including vehicles, air conditioners, compressor), industrial process control, the internet of things to intelligent manufacturing, etc. Shanghai Key Lab of On-line Testing and Control Technology is located in the division as well, based on the research of testing solutions of air conditioners performance testing equipments, computer distributed control systems and telecommunications.

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