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Brief Introduction of Professional Divisions
Brief Introduction of Professional Divisions
Division of Thermo Engineering and Energy Sources Measurement Technology

Brief introduction

Division of Thermo Engineering and Energy Sources Measurement Technology (hereinafter Division of Thermo and Energy for short), set up by SIMT, specializes in metrological verification, calibration and testing of measuring instruments, meters and equipment systems about thermal engineering, viscosity and density.

The division consists of 6 special research labs: Lab of Temperature and Humidity, Lab of Flow and Capacity, Lab of Pressure and Vacuum, Viscosity and Density Research lab, Lab of Process and System, Lab of Energy and Low-carbon ( National Urban Energy Measurement Center (Shanghai))

Secretariat of National pressure Specialized Committee and Shanghai metrology Association Specialized Committee are also set up in this institute.

Division of Thermo and Energy is mainly responsible for traceability and transmission of measurement value, supervision inspection, arbitration inspection and other legislative tasks which are directed by General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine of the People's Republic of China and metrological administrative department of every provincial government in eastern China. The division also organizes intercomparison of testing/calibration lab and other technological work. Meanwhile, it also provides the society with more than 730 items of metrological verification, calibration and testing service.

Division of Thermo and Energy is prominent in scientific research and professional ability. 95% of the staff have a bachelor degree or above, including 97 masters, 2 doctors, 13 senior engineers and 2 Professor level senior engineers, 1 expert with State Department special allowance, 4 members serving in the national metrology technology Specialized Committee and the National Standardization Committee, 13 state-level and provincial level assessors.

Division of Thermo and Energy has several high level standard measurement devices with independent intellectual property. “The development of (200~2500) MPa ultra high pressure standard equipment project” won the second-prize of scientific research by General Administration of Quality Supervision. “The development of medium temperature blackbody radiation source standard device project” won the first prize of Shanghai Scientific and Technological Progress. “The development of high precision dynamic humidity generator group project” won the second prize of Shanghai Science and Technology Progress. “The development of Low dew point standard gas generator project " won the third prize of Shanghai Scientific and Technological Progress. Secondary standard of alcohol meter standard device project won the Shanghai Scientific and Technological Progress Award. “The establishment of coal gas factory flow measurement and management system in Shanghai " won the third prize of Shanghai science and technology progress

The capacity level of the standard device and technical service ability in Division of Thermo and Energy have continually been recognized and affirmed by the administrative departments of the governments, national certification and accreditation institutions, domestic and foreign counterparts. (150 ~ 2500) MPa ultra high pressure measurement apparatus" was approved as a national standard of measurement with the same technical level compared to Russia, Japan, the United States. The expanded uncertainty of the bell jar type gas flow standard device (primary level) is 0.06%, reaching advanced level in the world. In addition, (-50~3000) ℃ blackbody radiation source which is introduced all from the United States, Britain, Japan and other countries, first-grade platinum rhodium 30- platinum rhodium 6 standard device, precise dew point meter standard device, expansion vacuum standard device, small gas flow test device also have reached the international and domestic advanced level in various measurement field.

Lab of Viscosity and Density, under the Division of Thermo and Energy, professionally carries out the research of second-grade standard material and high accuracy measurement method for nearly 30 years. The research achievement, second-grade standard viscous liquid above 500mm2/s, has been adopted by the national standard material research center and provided for public.

Division of Thermo and Energy has built the national pattern evaluation lab of fuel dispenser with revenue function, water meter, gas meter which are in the national key management catalogue of measuring instruments. It also has built pattern evaluation lab of pressure and flow meter, authorized to conduct corresponding pattern evaluation work, and has undertaken the quality supervision of national and provincial level.

Division of Thermo and Energy has the responsibility to ensure the accuracy of measured values, consistency and reliability, and adheres to the purposes of wholeheartedly customer service, and provides technical security for national legal metrology and technical support for the domestic economic development.

Service features

1.  Process and System Laboratory

Lab of Process and System mainly provides customers with overall calibration services of thermal parameters (temperature, pressure, flow, viscosity, density) of measurement instrument or equipment in the field.

The lab also makes measurement plans and provides with measurement testing according to the actual demand of customers. This lab has 5 employees including 3 masters, 1 bachelor and 1 graduate. Relying on the technical advantages of Institute of Heat and Energy Measurement Technology, its service ability can cover field calibration and testing of thermal parameters of various instruments and equipment in the main. The lab are always devoted to provided overseas customers with best measurement service and escorts your instruments with the service principle of justice, accuracy and quickness.

  • Differential scanning calorimeter 

Differential scanning calorimeter is a kind of instrument which measures difference of heating power and temperture under the control of temperature by program. According to the differences between principles of measurement, the instrument can be divided into power-compensation differential scanning calorimeter and heat-flux differential scanning calorimeter.

Calibration capacity of differential scanning calorimeter

Range of measurement: 

Temperature: (130.45~574.29)℃

Heat: (23.02~107.6)J/g

Uncertainty of measurement:

Temperature: U=(0.6~1.7)℃(k=2);  Heat:  Urel=(2.3~2.9)%(k=2)

Please call us for details.

2.  Flow and Capacity Laboratory

The laboratory of flow and capacitycan carry out verification, calibration, and testing of flow meterwith water, steam, natural gas, and oil. We also undertake the traceability of the value of various flow standard devices. At the same time, we undertake the legal metrology entrusted by the Metrological Administrative Department of Shanghai Municipal Government.We have 15 employees, including 2 senior engineers. Among them, 10 people owe a master's degree or above. The Secretariat of Flow Committee of Shanghai Metrology Association is attached to our laboratory.

Main features of the project:

  • High precision gas flow standard device

High precision gas flow device project is the Shanghai municipal government investment projects with a total investment of 1 million 300 thousand euros.The device is composed of a primary device and secondary device. The primary device is gas flow standard device of bell jar type, and the uncertainty is 0.06% (k=2), and the measuring range is (0.4 ~ 60) m³/h. The secondary deviceis critical flow sound nozzle standard device, and the uncertainty is 0.12% (k=2), and the measuring range is (2 ~4500) m³/h.

  • Gas flow standard device of bell jar type

The uncertainty of Gas flow standard device of bell jar type is 0.2%(k=2), and the measuring range is (0.005~45) m³/h. It can carry out the verification and calibration of the velocity type flow meter and volumetric flow meter with caliber for(DN6~ DN50).The device has the advantages of convenient operation and high automation.

  • Water flow standard device

Water flow standard device adopts the method of static quality and the method of standard table. The uncertainty of static quality flow standard device is 0.05% (k=2), whose measuring range is (0.02~600) m³/h. The uncertainty of standard table flow standard device is 0.2%(k=2), whose measuring range is (0.02~800)m3/h. The flow meter withcaliber for below DN200 can be verified and calibrated by using the method of static quality and the method of standard table simultaneously. For those flow meters whose diameter is greater than 200 mm, they can be verified and calibrated by paralleling the standard tables.

  • Low flow device for gas

The principle of low flow device for gas is the piston method. The uncertainty of low flow device for gas is 0.19%(k=2), whose measuring range is (5~50000) mL/min. Gas mass flow meterd, gas flow controller, soap film meter and so on can be verified and calibrated by it.

  • Micro flow device for liquid

The static quality method, the piston method and the standard table method are applied on the micro flow device for liquid. The uncertainty of micro flow device for liquid which adopts the static quality method is 0.054 % (k=2), whose measuring range is (80~8000) mL/min. The uncertainty of micro flow device for liquid which adopts the piston method is 0.053%(k=2), whose measuring range is (0.2~100) mL/min. The uncertainty of micro flow device for liquid which adopts the standard table method is 0.13%(k=2), whose measuring range is (80~8000) mL/min.

  • Metering tank volume calibration device

The uncertainty of metering tank volume calibration device is 0.3%(k=2). Horizontal tank, vertical tank and floating roof tank whose measuring range is (10~10000) m³ can be verified and calibrated by it. The volume table can also be provided. Our main customers are petrochina, sinopec, major airlines and the military oil depot.

All the workers of flow rate and capacity laboratory service for those enterprise and public institution in Shanghai sincerely by their technology and intelligence. They will create a new world in the field of flow and capacity measurement.

  • Thermal mass flowmeter

Thermal mass flowmeter is used to measure the flow rate of gas directly without the compensation of temperature and pressure. Ithas the characteristics of high precision and long-term stability.The measurement of compressed air andgas flow in the process industry are depend on it.The laboratory of flow and capacitybrings inlow flow device for gastaking gas flow standard device of bell jar typeas the background, which can provide quantity traceability for low flowgas mass flowmeter.

The calibration service ability of thermal mass flowmeter:

1)Standard table flow standard device:

Flow range is(1~7500) m³/h

The uncertainty is 0.2%(k=2)

2)Gas flow standard device of bell jar type:

Flow range is (0.005~45) m³/h

The uncertainty is 0.2%(k=2)

3) Low flow device for gas:

Flow range is (5~50000) mL/min

The uncertainty is 0.19%(k=2)

Welcome to contact with us.

Name: Chen Chao

Add:Rm.304, Flowrate Building, No.1500, Zhangheng Rd


Mobile: 021-38839800-36304

Fax: 021-50798562

  • Critical flow nozzle

The calibrationof nozzle in the critical flow sound nozzle standard deviceaffects the overall measurement performance of gas flow standard device directly.The laboratory of flow and capacity sets up a gas flow standard device of bell jar type in the original level and a piston type gas flow standard device, which can provide quantity traceability fornozzle.

The calibration service ability of critical flow nozzle:

1)Gas flow standard device of bell jar type(original level):

Flow range is (0.4~65) m³/h

The uncertainty is 0.06%(k=2)

2)Piston type gas flow standard device:

Flow range is (1~7000)mL/min

The uncertainty is 0.07%(k=2)

Welcome to contact with us.

Name: Chen Chao

Add:Rm.304, Flowrate Building, No.1500, Zhangheng Rd


Mobile: 021-38839800-36304

Fax: 021-50798562

3. Temperature and humidity laboratory

The main tasks of Temperature and Humidity Lab is establishing and maintaining the highest public standards of measurement in East China and Shanghai in the aspect of temperature and humidity, in charge of measurement value transmission and traceability in East China and Shanghai, carrying out the verification of measurement instruments according to the law; research in measurement and testing technology; in charge of pattern evaluation of measurement instruments and the revision of national and local technical measurement specification,; field testing services and personnel training.

There are 15 employees in Lab of Temperature and Humidity, which is a scientific research and testing team with reasonable age and knowledge structure including 1 professor senior engineer, 3 senior engineers, 9 engineers. Among them, 9 are graduate students, 4 are undergraduates, and 2 are junior college students. They have completed several development of high-level standard devices, so the research and testing capabilities have been improved for they have won the first prize, second prize and third prize of Shanghai Science and Technology Progress four times.

The director of temperature and humidity laboratory, Zhang Wen dong, is a senior engineer with the rank of a professor. He obtained the special allowance of the State Council. He has already won the second prize and the third prize of Shanghai Science and Technology Progress for several times. He is also selected as excellent middle-aged expert of National Bureau of Quality and Technical Supervision and subject leader of Shanghai Bureau of Quality and Technical Supervision.

There are three laboratories under temperature and humidity laboratory: high-temperature laboratory, medium-temperature laboratory and humidity laboratory.

There are these devices in high-temperature laboratory: standard device of standard platinum and rhodium 10-platinum thermocouples, first-class standard device of platinum and rhodium 10-platinum thermocouple, first-class standard device of platinum and rhodium 30-platinum and rhodium 6 thermocouple, working reference device of tungsten ribbon lamp, standard device of photoelectric pyrometer, standard device of tungsten ribbon lamp, verification device of working radiation thermometer, calibration device of infrared ear thermometer, etc. The high-temperature laboratory has the ability to verify, calibrate and test a lot of devices such as standard platinum and rhodium 10-platinum thermocouples, standard platinum and rhodium 30- platinum and rhodium 6 thermocouples, noble metal thermocouples, base metal thermocouples, photoelectric pyrometers, optical pyrometers, radiation thermometers, infrared thermal imagers, infrared electric clinical thermometers, black body radiators, temperature calibrators, heat treatment furnaces, high temperature furnaces, annealing furnaces.

In high-temperature laboratory, there are standard black body radiators and corresponding auxiliary measuring instruments which imported from USA, UK, Japan, Italy, etc. The measuring range is from -50℃ to 3000℃,the high-temperature laboratory is one of the testing and calibration laboratories which have the widest measuring range and highest accuracy. The infrared ear thermometer calibration device which used to measure the temperature of human body is an important project. Since the device is established, import verification has kept many years; it is helpful to ensure the quality of thousands of ear thermometers entering Chinese market. At present, the device is facing all enterprises and institutions in China to conduct the calibration.

The high-temperature laboratory provides the testing service and technical support to all fields of society actively of on-spot high temperature furnace (heat treatment furnace), such as box-type resistance furnace, tube-type resistance furnace, trolley-type resistance furnace, kiln furnace, continuous furnace, and it gets trust and welcome from enterprise and society.

The measuring range of temperature tracking system of high temperature furnace is 200℃ to 1000℃, measuring time can reach 7.5 hours, the system can provide a fast and convenient test without huge interference to the production, and it can provide a real-time temperature curve, so that ,depending on the curve, the factories can set up new technics and find the faults fast, improve or optimize the technics, reduce fuel consumption, reduce pollution emission, improve product quality.

The measuring range in medium-temperature laboratory is -189.3442℃~660.323℃, at present, there are 7 standard devices in medium-temperature laboratory, it includes working reference device of platinum resistance thermometers, standard device of first-class platinum resistance thermometers, standard device of second-class platinum resistance thermometers, standard device of standard mercury thermometers, standard device of standard clinical thermometers, standard device of Beckman thermometers, calibration device of surface thermometers. At present, the medium-temperature laboratory can provide the measuring service(verification, calibration and test) of these projects, such as standard platinum resistance thermometers, standard mercury thermometers, clinical thermometers, different kinds of working liquid-in-glass thermometers, industrial platinum/copper resistance, thermistors, digital thermometers, bimetallic thermometers, pressure type thermometers, temperature indicating controllers, furnace temperature trackers, temperature recorders, Intelligent platinum resistance thermometers, thermocouples, temperature transmitters, thermostatic bath, surface thermometers, temperature data acquisition instruments, electronic clinical thermometers, refrigerated trucks, temperature calibration furnaces, dry-well calibrators, automatic measuring devices of thermal resistance, gene amplification instruments ( PCR), temperature measurement system of PCR. Of these projects, ultra-low temperature thermometer which lower limit is -196℃ is used to measure the temperature of liquid nitrogen and dry ice. The project of intelligent platinum resistance thermometer which is a high precision temperature measuring system is first to be undertaken in China, the allowable error after correction can reach ±0.02℃. The shaken instruments and gene amplification instruments are new projects in order to adapt to the development of medical industry. The newly-built calibration device of surface thermometers can calibrate the surface thermometers in the range of -30℃~500℃.

The humidity laboratory has the highest standard of humidity in East China, the range of dew point temperature can be -80℃~45℃。The laboratory has a strong testing ability of many instruments, such as instruments of temperature and humidity, dew point and trace moisture in gas, moisture in solid. The humidity can provide the service of verification, calibration and measurement of many instruments, such as dew point meters, mechanical thermohygrographs, digital thermohygrograph, temperature and humidity sensors, temperature and humidity data loggers/acquisition instruments, analyzers of thermal index, moisture activity meters, wood humidity measuring apparatus, paper humidity measuring apparatus, analyzers of moisture in grain, analyzers of moisture in building materials ,humidity generators, temperature and humidity measuring boxes, constant temperature and humidity laboratories, thermal conductivity measuring instruments.

The humidity laboratory introduced four high precision temperature and humidity measuring boxes (type of EC30, from EdgeTech, USA/type of Omega205, from VOTSCH), each box has a high precision dew point meter (type of S8000 Remote or OPV from MICEHLL, UK or type of Dewprime II from EdgeTech). The maximum testing ability of temperature and humidity meters can be 150 per day. The humidity laboratory invented the standard humidity generator in high or low temperature and changeable pressure, it can generate any standard relative humidity between (3~96)% in (-50~90)℃, and any relative humidity in different pressure. It is the only device in China which can generate relative humidity in low temperature and pressure, its extended uncertainty is better than 0.5% relative humidity (k=2).

The humidity laboratory also introduced standard dew point meters (type of 373LX from MBW, Switzerland, type of S4000TRS from MICEHLL, UK), low dew point generator(type of 3900 from MICEHLL, UK). The type, SIMT-DG1075, dew point/ trace moisture rapid generating device under big flow rate is invented, it can generate any dew point between(-80~10)℃DP, the flow rate of sample gas can be changed between(2~20)L/min, volatility is better than ±0.1℃DP, it provides ten output ports, the equilibrium time after switching the dew point values can be less than 20mins, so that, the device is helpful to measure the dew point meters efficiently. At present, any dew point value between (-95~90)℃ can be calibrated in humidity laboratory, and lower limit of moisture can be 50ppb.

The humidity laboratory prepared moisture samples of different kinds of woods, grains, papers, leathers, building materials; it is one of a few laboratories which can measure the moisture in solid.

Staffs in humidity laboratory have the courage to face challenges and to solve different kinds of problems. They try their best to serve the clients. We would like to make progress in scientific research, management and business together with our clients.

4. Viscosity and density laboratory

Viscosity and density laboratory existing five research staff: three engineers and two assistant engineers, which all have a bachelor degree or above, including three master's degree. Solid theoretical knowledge, skilled measuring business ability, rich experience in this research team.

The density laboratory maintains the highest metrological standard in East China and is responsible for the transfer of metrological standard in East China.Density professional has a long history, is the traditional and innovative characteristics of professional.Detection of the field involved in oil, chemicals, building materials, medical, trade and other industries. The type, scope, accuracy and quantity of the test items are the highest in the country.

The density laboratory has standard equipment including:First-class standard Hydrometers, sub-base alcohol Hydrometers and first-class standard alcohol Hydrometers, first-class standard seawater Hydrometers, work standard sugar Hydrometers. Detection of the project involves solid and liquid density, all kinds of liquid density testing items are full range of testing. One of the most widely used testing items are: all kinds of models, all kinds of grades of Hydrometers, oil Hydrometers, alcohol Hydrometers, Baume Hydrometers, sugar Hydrometers, seawater Hydrometers, and Digital Liquid Density Meter.

Density laboratory features include: various types of high-precision Laboratory Oscillation-type Liquid Density meters, precision Refractometers, hand-held sugar meter, portable digital density meter, weighing digital density balance, glass beads and solid density detection and other characteristic projects. Among them, the Glass Hydrometer Calibration by Hydrostatic Weighting, through the Archimedes law can quickly and effectively test the glass float. The calibration of digital density balance is designed by the solid density of small float, covering liquid and solid density balance range of (0.8-2.0) g / cm3.

Viscosity measurement is widely used in oil, chemical, textile, food, metallurgy, medicine and defense and other fields to control the production process, to ensure production safety, to assess product quality and scientific research work. Viscosity measurement is an important part of thermal measurement, which is closely related to scientific research, industrial design and trade settlement, and the accuracy of viscosity measurement is particularly important in the era of economic efficiency. Two engineers with more than 15 years of skilled measuring experience and a graduate student in this viscosity laboratory assume the viscosity value transmit of Shanghai and surrounding areas.

The viscosity laboratory was originated in the early eighties of the capillary viscometer standard group including the standard capillary viscometer and standard thermometer, constant temperature water bath, drying oven, electronic balance, vacuum pump, ultrasonic cleaning tank, electronic stopwatch and other ancillary equipment, which is highest metering standard in East China area.

Viscosity laboratory built a complete measurement equipment for viscosity combined with the market needs after years of efforts and has accumulated a variety of viscosity instrument calibration, testing experience, which has a sale of two standard viscosity liquid permit. The laboratory is located in Shanghai and the Yangtze River Delta region where has a good industrial environment and a good sense of business measurement, and the viscosity testing services is second only to the National Standard Material Center. The major testing services currently as follows:

    Capillary viscometer: only one professional laboratory in East China to carry out capillary viscometer measurement verified capillary viscometer more than 2500 each year.

    Sample test: the laboratory can carry out a series of viscosity testing in the temperature range of (10~60) ℃ and kinematic viscosity range (1~100000) mm2 / s, ranking the leading domestic

    Rotational viscometer: including NDJ series, Brookfield, the company's LV, RV, HA, HB, CAP rotary viscometer (including the standard rotor, laminar and a variety of small sample rotor), Tokyo Bessel viscometer, a variety of cone / plate, blood rheometer, Stompson viscometer, a wide range of models and diverse. As the main viscometer production enterprises concentrated in Shanghai and the surrounding areas, so we are very familiar with the various types of products.

    Paint cup: our strength. Paint cups variety, the use in various fields are also different. Laboratory staff pay attention to the research and testing methods of national paint cups standards, so the existing paint cup on the market can be tested basically. A series of feasible and reliable detection standards were established at the same time.

    Other features: laboratory can complete adhesive viscometer, drop ball viscometer, Rheometer, Mooney viscometer, ink sticky instrument, small rotor rotary viscometer and other special viscometer and sample test.

    Secondary standard viscosity liquid: Secondary standard viscosity liquid were developed for the viscometer test, which have wide viscosity range and high precision. The laboratory is one of the four institutions that have a standard viscosity liquid permit for sale.

    Viscosity testing training: Laboratory engineers have a solid theoretical foundation, practical experience, that undertake training and assessment for verification and calibration personnel commissioned by Shanghai Municipal Quality and Technical Supervision. Laboratory engineers have trained relevant personnel in Gansu, Anhui, Jiangsu and other areas and helped establish standard installations.

As leader of metering industry in the East China, viscosity and density laboratory enthusiasm for enterprises and institutions of Shanghai and other countries in a serious and responsible attitude.



Division of Thermo Engineering and Energy Sources Measurement Technology Contact:  Xuedi Ren

Address:  Room 321, Mechanical Building, No.1500, Zhangheng Road, 201203 Shanghai

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Lab of Temperature and Humidity

Contact(Humidity):  Wendong Zhang

Address:  Room 326,Mechanical Building

Tel: 86-21-38839800-33304

Fax: 86-21-50798530

Contact(Medium Temperature): Lifang Yao, Liping Zhang

Address:  Room 311,Mechanical Building,

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Contact(High Temperature): Wei Zheng

Address: Room 326, Mechanical Building326

Tel: 86-21-38839800-33301/33308


Lab of Pressure and Vacuum

Contact(Pressure): Tianpei Zhang

Address: Room 324, Mechanical Building

Tel: 86-21-38839800-33336

Contact(Vacuum): Hong Xu

Address:Room402,  Mechanical Building

Tel: 86-21-38839800-33204


Lab of Flow and Capacity

Contact: Chao Chen

Address: Room 303, Large Force Value Building

Tel: 86-21-38839800-36304

Fax: 86-21-50798562


Lab of Viscosity and Density

Contact: Xunhua Zhu

Address: Room 311,Physical and Chemical Buildind


Lab of Process and System

Contact: Chenbin Zhu

Address: Room 326, Mechanical Building

Tel: 86-21-38839800-33339/33310


Lab of Energy and Low Carbon( National Urban Energy Measurement Center(Shanghai)

Contact: Zhisong Ge

Address: Room 315, Business Building

Tel: 86-21-38839800-30333

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