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Brief Introduction of Professional Divisions
Brief Introduction of Professional Divisions
Division of Compulsory Verification for Measuring instrument

Brief introduction
Division of Compulsory Verification for Measuring instrument mainly carries out compulsory verification for measuring instruments, metrological inspection for net content of prepackaged commodities with fixed content in the central area of Shanghai Municipality, helps the administrative departments for measurement to record the necessary information about the measuring instruments subject to compulsory verification, and allots conformity tags of compulsory verification, etc. The main laboratories of the division are located at Yishan Road branch and Tianlin Road branch, equipped with measuring facilities at the advanced international level.
The division has established 23 public standards of measurement, among which 6 are the highest level ones in eastern China area. The division carries out pattern evaluations of new  measuring instruments,  and supervision inspection for the quality of measuring instruments, appointed by the administrative departments for measurement at different levels. The division is capable of carrying out 50 verification items, 58 calibration items and 6testing items. The mission of this division focuses on providing technical supports to the administrative departments in dealing with measurement affairs related to public daily life.
Another important task of this division is carrying out researching activities for measurement and testing, developing national technical specifications and standards. The division has received several items of Science and Technology Progress Awards conferred by the Shanghai Municipal Government. Some research achievements have been adopted by national verification regulations. Many self-developed measuring facilities have been the first ones in China.
Service features 
The in-vehicle inspection apparatus for fuel dispensers is self-developed which can carry out the examination of the quantity accuracy of the fuel filled into a special tank of the inspection apparatus, while the vehicle acts as a normal one at the filling station. This helps the administrative departments supervising the behavior of various gas stations.
The verification apparatus for liquefied petroleum gas dispensers is self-developed with the function of multi-parameters collection, which can carry out on-the-spot verification, technically leading in China.
The testing equipment for net content of prepackaged commodity with fixed content has the function of automatically timing thawing and dripping, weighing, package cleaning, collecting and distinguishing measurement data, and batch processing the measurement results, reaching the top level in this field domestically. 
The lens film testing system can conduct non-destructive test for eyeglasses and film materials, which is the first one in domestic glasses testing field. It can automatically measure the thickness of multi-layers optical film, and the refractive index of the film and the original lens. It can also evaluate and analyze the quality of filmed eyeglasses.

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