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General Introduction
General Introduction

★ Overview

Shanghai Institute of Measurement and Testing Technology (SIMT) is one of the earliest-established professional measurement verification agencies in China. It is the only nonprofit and comprehensive national legal measurement verification agency authorized by SAMR (State Administration for Market Regulation) in Shanghai, the National Center of Measurement and Testing for East China authorized by SAMR, and the National Center of Testing Technology, Shanghai authorized by the Ministry of Science and Technology, which has a long history of more than 80 years.

SIMT is located in Shanghai, the most important economy, finance, trade and shipping center of the country. With the continuous development of industry, science and technology, and the comprehensive capability of Shanghai, many new demands toward measurement and verification technology have been brought up. Under strong support from the national and local governments, SIMT's equipment strength and technical capability have been escalating these years. Now SIMT has developed a large amount of technical specifications and standards, accomplished a large amount of science and technology research projects, and participated in many significant constructions of the city. SIMT conducts the transmission and traceability of measurement values for more than 1,000,000 pieces of measuring instruments every year, providing strong technical support for the city's development of economy and society.

★ Primary Function

Provide necessary technical support for the governmental administration and enforcement of 'Metrology Law of the People's Republic of China' and other relative laws and regulations. Research of measurement and testing method, instruments and equipments for science and technology progress and industrial development. Provide public technical support to satisfy the requirement of social development and market order regulation. Provide high quality measurement and testing service for economic development of Shanghai and Yangtze River Delta.


1.Research, establish and maintain part of the national measurement primary standards and public standards of Shanghai and East China. Undertake the value transmission (traceability) of East China.

2.Compulsory verification work of Shanghai, pattern evaluation and prototype test of measurement instruments, and impartial measurement, arbitration verification entrusted by government.

3.Quality supervision, arbitration verification, Industrial product manufacturing license verification for some products in China and Shanghai.

4.Research of measurement standards, reference materials, testing instruments, intelligent measurement instruments, on-line testing and control equipments and sensors. Research of technical method of verification, calibration, testing and inspection.

5.Management of science instruments cooperation and sharing, and coordination and management of analysis and testing network and platform of Shanghai entrusted by government.

6.Undertake or participate in drawing up and revision of national and municipal measurement technical specifications, national/industry/municipal standards, and OIML international advices and documents. Undertake management of some measurement and standardization professional academic organizations.

7.Verification, calibration and testing service for domestic and foreign relative agencies and customers.

★ Research Divisions

SIMT has eight professional divisions. They are:

Division of Electron and Electricity Measurement Technology

Division of Thermo Engineering and Energy Sources Measurement Technology

Division of Mechanics and Manufacture Measurement Technology

Division of Chemistry and Ionizing Radiation Measurement Technology

Division of On-line Testing and General Measurement Technology

Shanghai Compulsory Verification Center for Measuring Instrument

Division of Material Science and Quality Test

Division of Fundamental Performance Test

★ Organization Qualification

In 1985, with the issuing of 'Metrology Law of the People's Republic of China', SIMT passed the national accreditation and was approved to be one of the earliest provincial legal measurement verification agencies set up by the country according to the law.

In 1985, SIMT was approved to be one of the earliest national testing centers by the National Committee of Science and Technology (now the Ministry of Science and Technology of the People's Republic of China). In the next year, it was named as National Center of Testing Technology, Shanghai officially.

In 1986, SIMT was authorized as and named National Center of Measurement and Testing for East China by National Measurement Bureau (now SAMR).

SIMT has authorized by national and local government to carry out legal measurement, transmission (traceability) of measurement values, quality supervision and inspection. Currently, it has established 2 national primary standards, 287 public standards of measurement, 1312 items of verification, calibration and test have been authorized by SAMR, 1445 items of calibration and testing have been approved by CNAS (China National Accreditation Service for Conformity Assessment), 20 items of verification approved by inspection authority, 9 items of international certifications, etc.

SIMT has established National Center of Quality Supervision & Inspection on Measuring Instruments (Shanghai) and National Center of Quality Supervision Inspection on Gold and Silver Products (Shanghai). Meanwhile, the secretariat of OIML TC18/SC1 Blood Pressure Instrument was set up in SIMT. The radiation dosimetry laboratory of SIMT serves as member of the Secondary Standard Dosimetry Laboratories (SSDLs) Network, which is set by the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) and the World Health Organization (WHO). Many national academic groups and national measurement and standardization technical committees have their secretariats set up in SIMT.


SIMT has 624 permanent staffs of professional and management, including some professionals and academic leaders in certain fields with Doctor or Master degree. The structure of staffs in SIMT is as follow:

Technical staffs: 590, including 23 professor senior engineers.

Management staffs: 21

There is a postdoctoral program in SIMT, which is approved by the Ministry of Personnel of the People's Republic of China.

With the accumulation of technical capability and culture through decades, professional talents of new generations are being brought up continuously in SIMT. SIMT's engineers publish hundreds of academic theses in relevant national professional magazines every year. Leaders in certain fields of learning of new generations from SIMT continuously come forth. There are dozens of experts in SIMT actively participating in the works of relevant national academic groups and national measurement and standardization technical committees.


SIMT always concentrates on science and technology researches in the fields of measurement technology, inspection technology, testing technology and methods, technical specifications and standards, and application technology, etc. It carries out about 50 items of research projects every year. Since 1980s, SIMT has accomplished more than 1000 items of research achievements, in which 4 items has been conferred the National Science and Technology Progress Awards, 150 items received the Science and Technology Progress Awards conferred by relevant ministries of China and the Shanghai Municipal Government. Many achievements fill in the gaps in certain fields in China, and reach international advanced level.

SIMT always persists in combining science and technology with the country's economic development tightly, actively participating in the activities of solving key technical points in the constructions of the national and local significant projects. It has taken part in the production of China's first self-developed watch, localization in the production of silicon material for the large-scale integrated circuit, and the Santana vehicle, etc. It has also made outstanding contributions to the constructions of many significant projects and modern public facilities such as the Nanpu Bridge, the Jinmao Tower, the Shanghai International Shipping Center, the Shanghai Stock Exchange, the Pudong International Airport, the Qinshan Nuclear Station, the Shanghai synchrotron radiation facility (SSRF), the China's large civil aircraft program, the Shanghai 2010 World Expo, etc.

SIMT continuously obtains achievement in the development and establishment of primary standards and public standards of measurement, contributing to the improvement of the country's measurement verification and testing technology. Some of them have reached the advanced international or national level. SIMT always concentrates on the research and development of reference materials. 368 items of national first or second class reference materials have been approved by the country and put into public use, which become important parts of the value transmission system of China.

★ Resources and Equipments

In 2006, the head quarter of SIMT was moved to Zhangjiang high-tech Park in the Pudong New Area. Since then, SIMT has got two wings to fly, one wing is in the west area of Shanghai (Caohejing High-tech Park) which has two branches on Yishan Road and Tianlin Road, the other wing is in the east area of Shanghai (Zhangjiang high-tech Park). Now SIMT holds laboratory area of 46,700m2 equipments of 690,000,000RMB worth of value, in which many types of equipment represent the advanced technical achievements in the international measurement area. The comprehensive technical capability and equipment strength of SIMT have reached the top level within counterparts in China.

As an important platform providing technical support for the administrative departments and public services for the society, SIMT is furnished with complete resources and equipments. Some laboratories and large-scale precision instruments have been listed in the Shanghai Cooperation and Sharing Platform of Large-scale Instruments, providing sufficient instrument resources and services to the public.

For many years, under the support from the national and the Shanghai municipal government, SIMT has introduced a large number of instruments and equipments with the international level. The first electron microscope and the first mass spectrograph in the country were imported and put into use by SIMT. At present, SIMT owns various kinds of advanced large and medium-sized physical and chemical analysis instruments of more than 100 sets, the international most advanced acoustic measurement laboratory, the advanced EMC laboratory, the 50-meter indoor super length worktable to verify optics instruments, the international advanced automatic precision gear measuring system, etc.

SIMT has established the laboratory information management system (LIMS), which can ensure the share of resources, high sufficient management and reliable data.

★ Service and Consultation

As a nonprofit agency of measurement verification and testing set up by the country according to the law, SIMT concentrates on promoting service capability and quality, and has won trust from numerous domestic and international customers. Currently, only in Shanghai, SIMT has customers of more than 20,000. To facilitate its customers, SIMT has established customer service center and instrument acceptance center in east and west area of Shanghai, and service stations in Shenzhen of Guangdong Province, Kunshan of Jiangsu Province, and many others. SIMT tries its best to provide all-directional and door to door convenient service for its customers, including on-line testing and calibration, and instrument maintaining.

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